Aged Cocktails: the Vieux Carré

Aged Cocktails: the Vieux Carré

Our Barrel Aged Cocktail kits are a big hit. Take a look at this great blog about what has been put together in our cocktail aging kits. Here is a quick preview:

“And now, making it easier to DIY, Tuthilltown Spirits, who I visited a few weeks ago and who also supplied Morgenthaler with his first batch of barrels, have come out with the cocktail aging bottle.  That’s right, a glass bottle (the same one they use for their bourbons, in fact) with a piece of used oak barrel inside.  When I saw these, I racked my brain for who would think they were as cool as I did and actually use them, so I could buy as many as possible as gifts.  Unfortunately, the list was short.  And so for my less cocktail-savvy (and extremely lucky) friends, I made individual bottles of aged Vieux Carrés as this year’s homemade holiday present.”

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