Unaged Spirits

Indigenous Empire State Wheat Vodka

Indigenous-Wheat-Vodka-for-websiteThe wheat variant of Tuthilltown’s Indigenous Vodka is distilled from 100% NY State wheat to achieve both a high level of purity yet retain the rich grain flavors. It is extremely versatile, mixable and perfect for any cocktail that calls for vodka.

The nose is surprisingly deep and rich with notes of fresh milk, hazelnuts and even fine linen paper. The palate is remarkably supple with a tremendous flavor of cacao nibs, malted shakes and flan.  Visit our recipes page for cocktail ideas.

Indigenous Fresh Pressed Apple Vodka


This premium batch-distilled spirit is triple distilled to retain a faint essence of the Hudson Valley apple cider from which it is hand crafted, one batch at a time from apples pressed in local orchards. This is not “apple vodka” (which is typically neutral grain spirits with apple flavoring added). Each 750ml bottle of INDIGENOUS vodka contains the spirit of up to 80 Hudson Valley apples, pressed to cider, fermented under the watchful eyes of our distillers, then carefully guided through our 20-plate copper pot still to create this unique vodka. It is a real fruit spirit like no other, great over ice with a citrus garnish or in one of the many cocktail recipes on our recipes page.

Half Moon Orchard Gin

Half-Moon-for-products-pageHalf Moon Orchard Gin, named for the vessel in which Henry Hudson first explored the River,  which now bears his name.  In that same spirit of exploration, we have created a new base of near neutral spirit from both Wheat and the Hudson Valley’s ubiquitous Apples. “We’re in the heart of the American apple industry so it’s natural for us to turn to apples to create an original New York gin”.  The distinctive subtleties of the apple blend in the base spirit create a smoother and rounder gin, more drinkable than the standard grain neutral spirit base used in other gins.  Half Moon Orchard Gin has an ABV of 46%.  The 1 liter bottle is priced to become the preferred “well” gin by bartenders in New York State and nationwide.

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey


HUDSON NEW YORK CORN WHISKEY is the true American spirit. It is distilled the old fashioned way, one batch at a time from 100% New York corn. No sugar is added. This unaged sipping whiskey is clear and soft to the tongue, with the faint aroma of corn fields at harvest. Corn whiskey is known by a variety of nicknames: White Dog, White Light’ng and moonshine. NEW YORK CORN WHISKEY is traditional American corn. It is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume. It is also the foundation for Tuthilltown’s popular and unique HUDSON BABY BOURBON.