A Year In Photos: 12 Great Drink Moments From 2013

Drink Insider

2013 has been another great year in drink moments here at DrinkInsider. From amazing new product releases to in depth interviews with industry all stars, hardly a week has gone by without something interesting to write about. So, in what is now becoming an annual tradition, I’m retracing some of my favorite steps over the past year through some of the photographs that really popped.

Indigenous Vodka receives a 92!!!!

Cigar & Spirits Magazine

“In This edition of Cigar & Spirits Magazine vodka issue, we represent 12 ultra-premium brands from around the world. Several of these brands are newer to the market and have only been around a short time, whereas others have become long-time staples of the category. There are many unique choices on the list, which are sure to liven up any cocktail party.”



Craft work: A profile of Ralph Erenzo

Drinks International

IF IT EVER CATCHES ON, let it be said that Sonic Maturation was the invention of the man to your right, a craft distiller named Ralph. It probably won’t – playing base-booming hip-hop to bourbon barrels isn’t exactly textbook maturation management. But it is textbook Ralph Erenzo. This is a man who personifies America’s craft movement: a man not tied down by a distilling heritage, only by the limits of his own imagination; a man for whom barriers exist to be overcome.

But that’s probably a pretty normal outlook for a man who spent 25 years as a professional rock climber. Indeed, not so long ago, distilling was the last thing on Erenzo’s mind. In 2001 the plan was to build a rock climbers’ ranch on a piece of farmland in a quaint-sounding place called Gardiner in the Hudson

The New Fall Whiskey From The Coolest Place in Upstate New York

Bourbon And Gloss

For Ralph and Gable Erenzo of Tuthilltown Spirits in Hudson Valley, NY, life isn’t so bad. Makers of the Hudson Whiskey line, among other brands, the father-and-son duo get to spend every day in beautiful upstate New York, crafting tasty, homegrown spirits through sustainable practices (that includes solar panels and a soon-to-be “green” distilling method).

Hudson Whiskey- Distilled with Determination

Talk of the Town A Gentlemen’s Guide

“The guts and bravery of American Whiskeys do not come soley from our pioneering history, they also have to do with the notion that anyone can create whiskey from the simple combination of what we can find around them, and with time. Resourcefulness and a spirited are traits that have always characterized distillers.”

The EYE: Bourbon Goes On The Road


A fine Colorado bourbon may not make you the better person you hope to be, but it could get your Old Fashioned–and your evening–off to a new-fashioned start. Want to go cosmopolitan? How about New York bourbon for your Manhattan? A subtle parameter shift? How about Hopi blue corn in your Texas corn whiskey? The point is, bourbon has gone off the reservation and is busting moves all over the place.

You experience all four grains: the spicy rye, the softness of the wheat, the depth of the malted barley set against the familiar bourbon-corn background. From Tuthilltown Spirits in New York’s Hudson Valley.

The 10 Best Distilleries in NYC(-ish)

The Village Voice

A few weeks ago, we put up a list of the top 10 breweries in NYC(-ish). But beers are not the only alcohol brewing in New York. The distilling world is also on the rise after a shift in New York distilling laws in 2002 when the passage of a law allowing farm distillery licenses helped begin to restore New York’s once vibrant distilling culture. From whiskey to grappa to regional specialties like sorel hibiscus liqueur, New York-produced spirits are becoming ever more diverse and refined. Here are the 10 best distilleries in NYC(-ish) right now.

Tuthilltown at #3!!!!!!

7 Boutique Global Rums for National Rum Month

Societe Perreir

You seen those beautifully designed compact bottles of Hudson Whiskey grace the shelves of most high-end bars, but you probably wouldn’t recognize their rum. Producing a limited run of Roggen’s rum, Tuthilltown distillery celebrates the history of the Hudson River commerce and the early pioneers of the Hudson Valley. The aged rum, aptly named after the Roggen mercantile brothers of the area that migrated from Switzerland, is made from Louisiana blackstrap molasses and aged in a combination of new and former American oak whiskey casks.

New York Toasts Long-Awaited Revival Of Its Distilleries

Montana Public Radio

A century ago, New York could claim that much of its liquor was local, thanks to distilleries large and small that supplied a lot of the whiskey, gin and rum that kept New York City (and the rest of North America) lubricated. Then Prohibition arrived and the industry largely dried up, before trickling back to life in the 21st century.

Now, distillers in New York state are toasting a revival 80 years in the making.

Tuthilltown Spirits is one of the first boutique distilleries to open in New York since Prohibition. It’s been 12 years since co-founder Ralph Erenzo bought the property in Gardiner, N.Y., a rustic corner of the Hudson Valley about 75 miles north of Manhattan.

Art & Spirits at Tuthilltown Spirits


Modern Distillery Age

“Silos and barn walls across the country have traditionally served as billboards,” said Ralph Erenzo, partner at Tuthilltown Spirits. “We’ve invited these artists to add color and meaning to the plain gray silos that hold the grains for our whiskeys.”The three silos each stand 17 feet high and 69 feet in circumference. The installation includes a pathway around the silos and visitors are invited to stroll the perimeter to see the work of these local New York artists.