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Tuthilltown Distillery

Check out these great pics that were taken by the Poughkeepsie Journal of  the distillery.

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A Tax Day Story For Hard Cider Lovers

“New York is the second-largest apple producer in the country, and there’s no doubt it should be at the core of the hard-cider industry, which is rapidly growing in popularity,” says Schumer. “However, current federal tax rules make it extremely costly for Capital Region producers and consumers alike to produce, market and sell this product, which could prevent New York’s hundreds of apple growers and hard cider producers from fully benefiting from the stable income that comes with this new product.”

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BTI Spirits Category Results for Tuthilltown Spirits

Our very own Half Moon Orchard Gin received at 93 out of 100!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so pleased, if you haven’t already please stop bu our tasting room to have taste.

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Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2 (2013 Mixtape)

As the cold, harsh reality of mainstream rap continues to increase in its frigidity, artists like Swerve and SYG provide soul-warming whiskey to hip hop culture.  Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2  proves to be an even more refined batch of beats and rhymes, continuing the CW&WW series.  Open up your blinds, pour a glass of your favorite whiskey (whisky), press play and read on.

Hip hop fans everywhere have got to be scratching their heads as to how/why they are able to get such a dope mixtape, which could easily be an LP, for FREE!  That’s like my favorite Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey distillery (Tuthilltown Spirits) offering a free bottle with the click of a mouse.  Okay, now let’s get into the mixtape.

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A Valley for All Seasons

There are over 25 wineries in the region, including my favorites, Millbrook and Clinton, perfect to visit on a languid summer day. Keep an eye out for an even bigger influx of spirits like vodka and bourbon in the valley, led by distilleries like Tuthilltown Spirits, makers of Hudson Baby Bourbon, and Black Dirt Distillery.

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Chemistry Class with Hudson Whiskey

“This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit in on a class presented by Hudson Whiskey Brand Ambassador/Distiller Gable Erenzo at the 2nd annual San Antonio Cocktail Conference. Founded in 2001, Hudson, with their non-en règle style of distilling has emerged into the national whiskey spotlight winning awards from food print powerhouse Food & Wine Magazine and was recently featured in The New York Times.”

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Half Moon Gin

Great set up by our very own Joel Elder giving a tasting of our Half Moon Gin and Hudson Whiskeys at NOFA.

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Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

“There were dozens of bourbon vendors, but mostly, I stuck with beer, especially the dark and hoppy ones. There were great commercial brews like Guinness Extra Stout, Harpoon IPA, Magic Hat #9, Abita Purple Haze. But I really enjoyed the microbrews, like SixpointDiesel, Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale, and Ommegang. Big up also to Long Island’s best beer: Blue Point. In bourbons, my favorite was Hudson Baby Bourbon. Displayed on their counter were blue, glass eye-dropper bottles that were filled with water so that imbibers could open up the flavors of their bourbon with a few drips. (Here’s my one criticism of Hudson Baby Bourbon: Why not open it up with a few drops of bacon grease?) For dessert, I had Maker’s Mark ice cream.”

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Soothing winter’s punch

Drink more bourbon – a resolution we can get behind. The kind folks over at Tuthilltown help us stick to our New Year’s vow with an indulgent cocktail laced with a hint of vanilla and sweet malt. Served hot or cold, either way warms the heart.

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Two of our favorite drinks, coffee & whiskey, come together at one event!

Check out this video of our very own Gable Erenzo giving a class on our Hudson Whiskeys.

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