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Bartender Picks: The Best Craft Distillers

“Hudson Whiskey; all of their products are amazing and locally sourced. The rye makes a perfect Manhattan.

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Slow Food Speakeasy Ark of Taste Cocktail Competition

Check out Nata’s “Hot Off the Press” cocktail, using Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey. Sounds great! Please vote and pass it along.

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Never a dull moment – Renee Cimino, Tuthilltown Spirits

Want to know more about the people behind the booze at Tuthilltown Spirits? Check out’s interview of our very own little lady bad ass, Renee Cimino!

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10 Reasons to Drive to the Hudson Valley

Aaaaand just in case you needed an excuse to visit our lovely Valley, Zagat gave you 10 and Tuthilltown Spirits is one of them! See you soon!

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Ralph Erenzo, Founder and Distiller of Hudson Whiskey

We love a good story, especially one that tells the journey of passion that leads to profession, and that’s exactly what our next guest did. We’re making a cocktail today with Ralph Erenzo, founder and distiller of Hudson Whiskey.

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“They bring a crisp bitter complexity to any cocktail, the perfect additional oomph to a whiskey on the rocks in the dead of fall. Tuthilltown Spirits (the guys behind the award-winning Hudson Whiskeys) did good with Bitter Frost Basement Bitters, which has actually been available since last fall — but only if you made the trek to the distillery in New York state or stumbled across it at their smalltime online store. ”

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Good Spirits News The spirited world of all things mixological

This new American styled craft gin is unusual in that it is made from a blend of 80% wheat and 20% apples.

After all, the Angostura company has been doing it for almost 200 years, so why not an American craft distiller?  Thus, we finally have bitters crafted by Tuthilltown Distillery located in downstate New York.  Made from unaged rye spirit, sarsaparilla, maple syrup and fourteen other herbs and spices, the bitters also benefit from aging in ex-rye barrels.  Unique and very much in the spirit of Tuthilltown’s other products.

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Gumption, Tenacity and Whiskey

Ralph Erenzo had a dream. Being an avid rock-climber, he had a vision of building a “resort” for the rock climbers, a place where they will be able to relax and have fun. With that vision in mind, in 2001, he acquired an old 35 acres farm in upstate New York, about 80 miles up north from New York City.

It appears that his new neighbors had their own idea of who the rock climbers are, as the first thing they told him was that they will do everything in their power to prevent him from successfully realizing his dream – they don’t need all these “bad people rock climbers” to come to their quiet neighborhood. And they did. Two years down the road, having sold 15 acres out of the 35 and practically out of money, Ralph had to think about what to do next.

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Know Your Spirits: Tuthilltown Spirits

Here at MANjr., we at times do the “Know Your Beer” segment. This time we are going to switch it up and let you in on very cool distillery called Tuthilltown Spirits located in Gardiner, NY. They distill vodkas from apples grown at orchards less than 5 miles away from their homestead and whiskeys using grain harvested by farmers less than 10 miles away. The farm distillery also produces rum, eau de vie, brandy, absinthe, and infusions.

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What to do when you had too much at Tales of the Cocktail

Basement Bitters from Tuthilltown Distillery in Gardiner, NY.   Oh how I love Tuthilltown Rye.  Their evocative Rye Whiskey is mixed with maple syrup, herbs, and spices.  It is then aged in a barrel for a period of time until a balance of spicy to sweet becomes apparent.  The Basement Bitters are a world class product.  As an added benefit the Basement Bitters just happen to vanquish a hangover.

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