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2011: Craft Whiskey of the Year, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, Whisky Guild

2010: American Artisan Distillery of the Year, Tuthilltown Spirits, American Distillers Institute

2010: Best New American Whiskeys of the Year, Hudson Whiskeys, Food & Wine Magazine

2010: 93, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, Tasting Panel

2010: 91, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, Ultimate Spirits Challenge

2010: Silver Medal: Bourbon, Hudson Four Grain Bourbon, American Distillers Institute

2010: Silver Medal: Rye, Hudson Manhattan Rye, American Distillers Institute

2010: Best Package Award, Hudson Manhattan Rye, American Distillers Institute

2010: Staff Choice, Hudson Baby Bourbon, Maxim Bourbon Awards

2007-2010: Best Whiskey, Hudson Whiskeys, Hudson Valley Magazine

2009: 92, Hudson New York Corn, Tasting Panel

2009: Gold Medal: Form and Style, Hudson Whiskeys, International Review of Spirits Package Competition

2008 : Best in Class, Hudson Manhattan Rye, LA Wine and Spirits Competition

Bryan Hartz, Distilleryman

Both distance and time separate the industry-befouled cascading waters of Niagara Falls and the sweet, silky-smooth grain distillate of Tuthilltown Spirits. Such is the journey of distilleryman Bryan Hartz. Bryan found his way from Ransomville, NY to the Hudson Valley to attend SUNY New Paltz. With a deep love for the lush greenery and the quartz beauty of the Shawangunk Ridge, Bryan quickly settled in to his new home. Joining Tuthilltown Spirits in June 2009, Bryan became part of the production crew, acquiring such skills as cooking the fresh milled grains, fermenting the mash, distilling, barreling, and bottling. With a background in construction and mechanics, Bryan also works on various maintenance and building projects in the Distillery. When not working , Byran enjoys snowboarding, volleyball, surfing, rock climbing, and motorcycle rides. Aqua-Vitae!

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Michael Chichetti, Distilleryman

Mike ChichettiWhen Michael joined the team in early 2009 he quickly realized just how uniquely driven and progressive the family distillery truly is and has since been compelled to bring every skill he possess to the table. He has worked in many fields, from retail, to maintainable, aquatics, and the culinary arts, but has found the greatest sense of craft and community at Tuthilltown Spirits. Originally from Rockland County, Michael is a Visual Arts major with a concentration in Graphic Design at SUNY New Paltz. At the distillery, he performs a plethora of tasks ranging from managing the bottling line, assisting with the many stages of production, and contributing his love and expertise of visual aesthetics wherever it is needed. When he isn’t producing the best whiskey you can get, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, playing music and working on various illustration and photography projects.

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Robin Hayes, Compliance and Administration

robinRobin Hayes has a background in Spanish teaching, paralegal work, and small town revitalization. She is a born and bred Hudson Valley girl who has spent lots of time in California. She resides in scenic Gardiner with her husband Joe and three kids. Robin’s Tuthilltown Spirits favorite is the Heart Vodka. She’s thrilled to be part of the Tuthilltown Spirits Team!

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